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CHaperoned Vacations

Every Special Journeys vacation is personally chaperoned and led by our founders, Lexi & Tom Mann.
Your Vacation Experience
Chaperoned Vacations

Chaperoned Vacations are fully-staffed, guided trips for individuals who need assistance travelling. Our trips are thoughtfully structured to ensure everyone’s needs are met, and that every Traveler is having a great vacation.

Every Special Journeys vacation is led by one or both of our two experienced Tour Leaders, and assisted by a team of Travel Companions who are able to provide more individualized support of each traveler.

Our Tour Leaders are the maestros who organize and direct the entire trip, making sure everything runs smoothly on a daily basis. They guide the group at attractions, coordinate transportation, coordinate the meals, and handle all the details at each hotel.

Travel Companions are volunteers who assist in the day-to-day needs of our Travelers, and are assigned small groups of 3-4 Travelers to watch over. One or more Head Travel Companions are available to assist and direct the Travel Companions as needed. The Tour Leaders also assist the Travel Companions, and are closely involved with our travelers

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