Swimming With Dolphins

Our Philosphy

We are travelers, seekers and adventurers who believe the world is a remarkable place, and that a disability shouldn’t keep anyone from experiencing as much of it as possible!

All of our vacations are designed with Special Needs Travelers in mind, and Special Journeys is built upon our 4 pillars of respect, honor, dignity and love.

Our Philosophy
We Are All Equals

We recognize the inherent worth of every individual and treat them as equals. People with disabilities, like anyone else, value their independence and autonomy. Respecting their choices, preferences, and capabilities empowers them and fosters self-confidence. It upholds their dignity and reinforces the idea that they deserve the same level of respect and consideration as anyone else. We acknowledge the challenges that a person with a disability might face, without patronizing or making them feel pitied.

We Celebrate Individuality

We believe in avoiding stereotypes and assumptions. Each person is unique, with their own strengths, abilities, and interests. Special Journeys celebrates their individuality, and we strive to create inclusive environments and accessible spaces. This includes physical accommodations, but also extends to communication, information, and social interactions. At Special Journeys, we don’t just want everyone to feel accepted, but equal.

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Swimming With Dolphins