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Pre-Trip Forms

Travelers who wish to take a Special Journeys Vacation must complete the following forms and return them to us.

This page describes the 4 forms that must be filled out and who needs to fill them out. Once you’ve determined which forms you need, they can be found on the Traveler Forms page.

Pre-Trip Forms

1. Application

Who needs to submit a Traveler Application?

• Travelers who have never submitted an Application to Special Journeys before

• Travelers whose previous Application was submitted more than 5 years ago


The Application gives us contact information and personal information about the Traveler that we need to provide the best possible care while we are on a trip.

2. Individual Primary Addendums (if applicable)*

Who needs to submit an Addendum?

Addendums only needs to be completed by Travelers who have one of the following issues:


• Insulin-Controlled Diabetes

• Seizures

• Mobility Limitations

• Food Intolerance/Allergy


The Addendums are optional. They provide us with details about specific issues pertaining to the Traveler. You must include all addendums that apply to the Traveler.

3. Traveler Agreement & Release

Who needs to submit the Traveler Agreement & Release?

• Travelers who do not have a guardian MUST sign the Agreement & Release.

• If the Traveler has a guardian, both Traveler and guardian MUST sign the Agreement & Release.


This document details the terms and conditions of our agreement to include the Traveler on one of our trips. It is required.

4. Trip Signup Form

Who needs to submit a Trip Signup form?

• Travelers who wish to sign up for a specific vacation


Trip Signup forms are used to schedule the Traveler on their requested vacation and plan for the specific care they need. Submit the completed form to Special Journeys before the Trip Signup Deadline, which is posted along with each trip description.

It is essential that you fill out the application and all applicable addendums completely and accurately so we can ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for the Traveler. After we receive your application, if we require additional information, a Special Journeys team member will contact you with specific follow-up questions that must be answered before your application is considered complete.

We keep Traveler Applications on file for 5 years before we require a new application. If the condition of a Traveler changes within that time, contact us via phone or email, and we will update our information. If an address or contact information changes, you can re-submit the first two pages of the application to us separately. Please contact us to obtain an electronic PDF form containing just the first two pages in this event.

You may submit the forms electronically, by mail, or fax. If you mail them, we highly recommend making a copy first.

An automated version may be filled out and submitted online to

Or you can download and print a copy, and return it to us by fax at (877) 934-8832 or mail to:

Special Journeys LLC

PO Box 30256

Omaha, NE 68103