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If you're looking to make a difference in someone's life, Special Journeys offers two positions that are the perfect place to start!

For many of our Travelers, this is their only chance to get away from their home, work, or other house residents they see day-in and day-out. Their vacation experience is one of the highlights and most anticipated events of their year, and would not be possible without our volunteer Travel Companions and dependable Route Drivers.

Volunteer Positions
Travel Companions

Travel Companions are volunteers who help supervise and assist Travelers with daily cares and activities throughout the trip. They receive an all-expenses-paid working vacation. That means Special Journeys covers the entire cost of your trip including: transportation, lodging, meals, attractions & activities – literally everything except snacks and souvenirs. Couples are encourage to volunteer together, and we cover all expenses for both individuals.

Travel Companion Basics
Paid Positions
Route Drivers

Because our Travelers generally do not drive, Special Journeys provides pickup and drop-off service across Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. Route Drivers pick up the Travelers at their residences and bring them to our tour bus, and then drop them back off after the trip. We cover all expense including: vehicle rental, insurance, gas, meals, and lodging. Couples are encourage to travel together, and we cover all expenses for both individuals.

Route Driver Basics
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