Passenger Bus parked on the road at sunrise.

A Special Journeys Bus Ride

Unless we are flying, we travel to all of our vacation destinations on a 40-foot, 56-passenger bus.

The Special Journeys bus includes a professional bus driver. The bus driver greets you with a smiling face, loads and unloads luggage, manages the wheelchair lift, and makes sure we disembark right by the main doors of our destination.


Charter Bus with smiling driver


The entrance door has steps with handrails that you can use to enter safely. Special Journeys also uses a custom step stool to make sure you can easily and safely get up to the first step. In addition to the large bays underneath for luggage, the bus has overhead compartments to hold your carry-ons and souvenirs.



Interior of luxury passenger bus


The first 3 rows in the front are reserved for the Tour Leaders and individuals who need extra mobility assistance. For the rest of the bus, there is no assigned seating. Our Travel Companions and other travelers will be mixed together throughout the seats. We do not have assigned seating but reserve the right to rearrange travelers so everyone has a great vacations.




The bus has a center aisle with 2 seats on either side and large windows all around that provide an incredible panoramic view so you can enjoy the scenery. The seats have a seat belt, recline slightly and have a foot rest attached. There are TV screens throughout the bus for movies, and speakers above each seat. There is also an adjustable vent above each seat. The bus has a restroom in the back.


In addition to the large bays underneath for luggage, it has overhead compartments to hold your carry-ons. The bus has a house-sized heating and cooling system to keep everyone comfortable. You can bring snacks on the bus in your carry-on, and Special Journeys will have water available for anyone who wants it. Soda and coffee are not allowed on the bus to help keep it clean.