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Flying With Special Journeys

Learn more about the Special Journeys process of arriving at the Airport, taking off, and then Landing in your destination.

Managing Luggage & Check-In 

Man with carry-on suitcase at airport

When we arrive at the airport, you take your carry-on and enter the terminal building to meet the group. Special Journeys unloads your suitcase, checks you in, and checks in your luggage. The tour leader holds all the boarding passes and everyone’s ID cards.


Getting to Know Our Travel Companions

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Special Journeys’ Travel Companions are your “go-to” people for any assistance you need. During each day, they will assist you at attractions, restaurants, shopping, and with any other help you may need. At each hotel, a specific Travel Companion will work with you and 2 or 3 other Travelers. At this time, a Travel Companion checks your carry-on again to make sure it complies with the TSA 3-1-1 rule, and then accompanies you to the restroom.


Security Screening

Airport TSA security screening

Special Journeys shows your ID and boarding pass to the TSA personnel, and your Travel Companion assists you through the screening process. For screening, you place your carry-on, jacket, belt, shoes, and any items from your pockets on the screening belt. You do not need to remove your watch, name tag, normal size necklace, or medical alert bracelet. Then you go through a screening doorway and follow any directions from the TSA staff. If you have metal in your body, use leg braces, or stay in your wheelchair, you undergo additional screening directed by TSA staff. Once you and your belonging have been screened, you collect your belongings and put your shoes back on.


Boarding the Plane

Travelers are airport boarding gate

After everyone has been screened, we head over to the gate, where your tour leader takes care of pre-boarding. Normally, our group boards before the other passengers so that we have adequate time to get seated and organized. As you board, the tour leader helps you to your seat and assists you with your carry-on. Once your carry-on is stowed under the seat or above it, you put on your seat belt and stay in your seat. At this time, you either set your phone to Airplane mode or turn it off.


During the Flight

Airplane Fasten seatbelt sign

Restrooms are available on the airplane, but they aren’t available at the beginning or near landing. There are signs that show you when a restroom is available and open. It is important to stay seated with your seat belt fastened, especially during any times of turbulence or when directed to stay seated by the flight crew. If there is turbulence, it’s just a few bumps and they don’t happen that often!


When We Arrive

The Special Journeys tour group leaves the plane as a group under the direction of the Tour Leader.