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Shopping & Souvenirs

No vacation would be complete without some quality time to find the perfect souvenir to always remind you of your awesome adventure!

That’s why souvenir shopping – always a favorite activity for our Travelers – is an important part of each and every Special Journeys vacation.

Shopping & Souvenirs

Not only do we make sure our Travelers are given plenty of time to shop for that perfect memento or gift, our Travel Companions are there to assist with everything from finding the appropriate items, to locating the right sizes (for clothing), to budgeting their spending money.

Tour Leaders use our custom software to track spending, letting each Traveler know how much they’ve got left and ensuring everyone stays within their budgets. Not only do we get to support the local economies, everyone gets to take great memories home to cherish forever!

We prefer to seek out local restaurants and stores whenever possible. This gives Travelers a unique experience, supports the local economy, and encourages entrepreneurs to provide choices that are not boring, cookie-cutter franchises!

Woman smelling candles in souvenir shop