Assorted Travel items

Special Requests

Special Journeys structures every element of our trips to make sure you enjoy the very best vacation experience imaginable. Accommodating our Travelers special requests can make the trip even more enjoyable, and we are happy to do it.

Some of the special requests you can make include:




Travelers are welcome to request a specific roommate before the trip begins (with sufficient notice). This is a great way to travel with your friends and talk about the day’s adventures before you fall asleep.


With sufficient advanced notice, we can also program our roommate-matching software so that certain individuals will not be roommates. This is typically done when two individuals from the same agency/city are on the same trip, and would do better if they had the opportunity to room with someone else and make a new friend.



Room Staff (based on availability)

With sufficient prior notice, Travelers who would benefit from rooming with staff rather than a fellow Traveler can request it. We will make every effort to accommodate this arrangement, but cannot always guarantee it will available. It is based on the Traveler’s gender, the number of Travel Companions and their gender, and the size of the group.



Sitting Up Front

We recognize that some Travelers may have motion sickness issues riding in vehicles. Upon request, we can set these individuals up front on the bus. This may sometimes mean the 2nd or 3rd row because the Tour Leader needs a seat in the 1st row to communicate with the bus driver, and individuals with mobility issues (who do not use the wheelchair lift to enter the bus) also need to sit in the front of the bus.



Special Diets or Food Requests 

With sufficient prior notice, we are able to accommodate special diets and special food requests.


Certain vacation choices are more compatible with special diets or food requests. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific situation and needs.



Food Allergies & Intolerances

With prior notice, we can assist Travelers who have special dietary restrictions such as food allergies and intolerances. We also note food dislikes, but we specifically treat allergies and intolerances as a serious issue. The Tour Leader will typically handle food ordering for these individuals personally.


Please note that we cannot safely accommodate Travelers who have food allergies that affect them when they touch—or are in close proximity to—the food.


Certain vacation choices are more compatible with food allergies and/or intolerances. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific situation and needs.



Food Texture Modification and/or Liquid Modification

With adequate notice, we can assist Travelers who need food texture modification such as Soft Chopped Diet, Ground Diet, or a Pureed Diet.


We have a special Traveler Addendum that will be provided upon request to gather details before the trip. This addendum is REQUIRED before the Traveler attends the trip. Special Journeys typically requires that Travelers needing a Ground or Pureed Diet bring a dedicated 1:1 staff to accompany them.


We can also handle the following of a prescribed liquid consistency such as Thin, Nectar, Honey, or Pudding. Traveler MUST bring (or be sent with) a sufficient quantity of commercial thickeners for the duration of the vacation.


Certain vacation choices are more compatible with food allergies and/or intolerances. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific situation and needs.



Medication Cooler

With prior sufficient notice, Special Journeys can provide a cooler for medicine that must be kept cool. We may not bring a cooler on every trip, so it is critical that you contact us before the trip to ensure a cooler will be available.


Flight trips require additional planning for keeping medicine cool because of TSA security rules. Medicine should never be packed in checked luggage and must be carried onto the airplane by the Traveler or Special Journeys staff (if we are handling their medicine).




With prior notice and availably, Special Journeys can provide a Traveler with a wheelchair to use on the vacation. This is typically done when a Traveler may get tired during the trip, or it may be of benefit to have one available just in case on a longer vacation.