Charter Bus with smiling driver

Central Pick-Up Day


For trips running from Texas, Special Journeys will meet Travelers at a central meeting spot within a designated time window.

1. You arrive at the designated Central Meeting Spot.




2. The bus arrives






3. The Tour Leader gives you a souvenir name tag, attaches 2 ID tags to each piece of your luggage, loads your luggage, and helps you onto the bus.

Medicine illustration  If Special Journeys is managing your medicine or you need reminders, the Driver stores your medicine in a custom bag labeled with your personal information, and verifies your next medication time.


Money illustrationIf Special Journeys is holding your spending money, the Driver verifies the amount and places it in a custom bag labeled with your personal information.


Passport and suitcase illustration  If it is a flight trip, the Driver collects your ID Card (Passport for cruises and international trips); checks that your suitcase weighs less than 50 pounds and that your carry-on is not oversized; and that any liquids, creams, or gels in your carry-on comply with the TSA 3-1-1 rule.





4. The bus may pick up additional Travelers at other Central Meeting Spots.



Fast food illustration  Depending on the time you are picked up, you might stop for lunch.


• If we are transferring vehicles, the Driver pulls the vehicle up right next to the bus.


• The bus driver transfers your suitcase to the bus and makes sure you have your carry-on with you as you board the bus.


• Seating on the bus is not assigned, although the first three rows on both sides are reserved for travelers with mobility issues.


• The bus will leave as soon as everyone is on board.


Airport illustration (For flight trips, the driver will deliver Travelers to a central meeting place at or near the airport)




5. The bus will stop at a restaurant for dinner.

Restaurant illustration





6. After dinner, the bus will continue on until we reach our hotel for the night

Hotel illustration

You bring in your own carry-on bag.


Bell boy pushing Luggage Cart illustration Special Journeys will deliver your luggage to your room.