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Assistance Provided

Each Special Journeys Traveler requires a unique and individualized level of assistance.

Some of our Travelers are more independent, and just need some general supervision and guidance.


Tourists on Canadian Cruise


For Travelers who require more assistance, our team is ready to help out in a variety of ways.

Assistance We Provide:

Daily Cares

Assistance with Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs) such as waking up, personal hygiene (as needed), and selecting clothes and making sure that the Traveler looks great for an exciting day of vacationing!

Hotels & Luggage

The team always handles check-ins and luggage for our Travelers. This includes loading/unloading suitcases during pickup/drop-off, checking bags at the airport (if applicable), and making sure every Traveler’s luggage gets delivered to and from their hotel room.


Travelers are responsible for bringing carry-on baggage to and from their hotel rooms. Souvenirs and carry-on baggage can be left on the bus overnight.


Travel Companions provide assistance with ordering off the menu, portion control, and where necessary cutting food and monitoring eating.


Special Journeys has licensed and medically-trained staff with decades of experience to dispense medications, pills, liquids/creams, administer insulin, and assist with nebulizers and CPAPs. As requested, our team will sign MARs if needed.

Attractions & Activities

Tour Leaders either personally guide the group through each activity, or – when possible – arrange for a guided experience by the venue staff. We typically break into smaller groups during activities so Travelers can move at their own pace and focus on what interests them.

We prompt the group for restroom breaks, and always make sure we leave enough time for shopping at the gift store!

Spending Money

Assistance with shopping including help choosing items/souvenirs, finding the right sizes, and balancing money across several days so it doesn’t all get spent at once.

When Travelers are picked up, their personal spending money is placed in a custom bag with their information on it and tracked through the trip on custom software. We keep receipts and provide a detailed spending tracking sheet for each Traveler we hold spending money for.