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Photo DVD's

Relive Your Favorite Vacation Memories with a Souvenir Photo DVD!

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During your Special Journeys vacation, your Tour Leaders and selected Travel Companions will capture vacation memories on camera, and occasionally on video.


After the trip, Special Journeys will gather the photos and videos together.  Then our team produces a physical DVD that will be mailed out automatically to every Traveler and every Travel Companion who went on the vacation. The DVD contains a slide show of on-trip photos and videos. The software we use provides different animated transitions between photos which makes things more exciting! The presentation also has background sound to make things more enjoyable. Your DVD will also come in a labeled, trip-specific souvenir hard case to safely store your photo DVD.


When the DVDs are sent out we also include a request form for additional material  Upon request, only available over the internet via download link, we will send out the actual trip photo files. This will allow you to print the actual trip photos at home or at a store that offers photo printing services. A high resolution version of the photo slide show is also available in a computer viewable format. Due to the fact that the screen resolution on a DVD is limited (compared to modern computer monitors) the computer slide show is clearer and can be sized to completely fill large computer monitors.


In addition to the souvenirs that you bring home from your exciting vacation, this is another way to look back and remember the incredible experience you had on your Special Journeys trip!