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Special Needs Tours & Special Needs Vacations for individuals with developmental disabilities and physical disabilities in the Midwest states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska & South Dakota Celebrating 15 years of Special Needs Tours and Vacations across the Midwest states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota!

Special Journeys provides chaperoned tours for individuals who need assistance traveling. Our goal is to provide fun, well-planned and reasonably priced vacations that are staffed with experienced volunteers and tour leaders. We are a local company exclusively serving those states in the Midwest where we can physically pickup and drop-off our travelers (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota).

Our travelers are individuals with developmental or physical disabilities, the elderly, the mentally ill and other individuals with special travel needs. Most travelers are individuals with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Travelers must exhibit good social behavior, have no major medical concerns that would interfere with traveling, be at least 18 years old (unless prior arrangements are made) and display appropriate behavior toward property, themselves and others.

Our Guaranteed Cost™ trips means there are absolutely no hidden costs - your trip includes everything necessary to have a great time including:

  • all meals,
  • lodging (in your own, regular bed),
  • all transportation including local pickup and drop off in your city,
  • all entertainment and activities,
  • an experienced tour leader and experienced staff care in 1:3 and 1:4 small groups.
  • 1:1 staffing is available at an additional cost.
  • Travelers only need to bring souvenir and snack money.

We offer interest-free payment plans that cover up to half of a trip’s cost and are paid in monthly, agreed-upon amounts after the trip returns. We also offer layaway and spend-down plans that allow you to save, or pre-pay, for a vacation to be selected at a later date.

Our application process is used to match individuals in small groups, select roommates, and to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Most important, when you take a Special Journey you will be in a structured, safe and caring environment where you will have fun, meet new friends and create lasting memories!

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions that you may have and thank you for choosing a Special Journey!

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Lexi & Tom Mann and the entire Special Journeys Team

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