Shopping and taking home a few souvenirs is a very important part of any vacation!


Souvenirs Shop


Souvenirs are a way of connecting to the world around you and remembering your vacation. Your trip price covers all costs except the souvenirs and snacks you decide to purchase. So, all your spending money is just for fun extras!

Shopping Assistance

Traveler holding a souvenir


We make sure our Travelers are given plenty of time to shop for that perfect memento or gift. Our Travel Companions are there to assist you with everything from finding the appropriate items, to locating the right sizes (for clothing), to budgeting your spending money.

Acceptable Forms of Spending Money

Different forms of spending


Travelers can bring physical cash, gift cards or debit/credit cards. With debit/credit cards we prefer to know about spending amounts/limits.


(NOTE: if a debit or credit card does not work at the point of transaction, it is extremely difficult to resolve before we have to leave.)


As we enter each new store, all of the Travel Companion have an updated sheet that shows how much each Traveler has as a remaining balance (for those we hold funds for) so they can help budget.

Currency Conversion on International Trips

Multiple Foreign Currency bills


On overseas trips, we handle currency conversion at no cost so Travelers don’t have to worry about it.


Spending Money Tips

Before the Trip

Have your spending money ready when Special Journeys picks you up OR send Special Journeys a check so your tour leader will have cash ready for you.



When We Pick You Up 

If you will be holding your spending money during the trip, keep it with you.


If Special Journeys will be holding your spending money, hand it to the driver, who will place it safely in a custom bag labeled with your information.



During the Trip

We keep you informed about the stores and shopping experiences that lie ahead on the vacation.


When Special Journeys holds your spending money, we store the receipt for each transaction in your personalized bag. We use computer software to track each transaction, assist you with budgeting, and give you current balances.



After the Trip

When we drop you off, we make sure you have your souvenirs with you.


If Special Journeys has held your spending money, we return to you any money you haven’t spent. We also give you a printed tracking sheet listing each of your transactions and an accounting of the funds that we hold, and we give you your receipts for each transaction.