Traveler Safety & Comfort

In addition to providing you with a fun time, we make every effort to keep you safe and comfortable.

 If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable on your vacation, tell a Travel Companion or one of the Tour Leaders, Lexi & Tom Mann. Here are some of the ways we keep you safe and comfortable on a trip:



Preventing You from Being Lost During the Day

Special Journeys NameTag

At times, we are in crowded environments and sometimes need to keep the group close together, for example in airports, theme parks, and sporting events. So, Special Journeys does regular headcounts of our travelers to make sure everyone is still with the group. We recognize that travelers can get separated from the group at any time, so we provide each traveler with a name tag containing the Tour Leader’s phone number. If you find yourself separated from the group, just ask someone for help and they can easily contact the Tour Leader for you.


Ensuring Safety at the Hotel

Travel Companions are in a room nearby. During regular hours, they are also in the hallway, going between rooms to assist people and to make sure our travelers do not leave the hotel building alone. After hours, travelers can call “0” on their phone to reach the front desk, which is staffed all night and has contact information for the Tour Leaders and Travel Companions.


Providing Medical Help

The Med Team and the Travel Companions are always happy to answer any questions regarding your medicine or to direct you to someone who can assist you.


Assistance with Shopping

Blue envelope with money on the yellow background

Travel Companions know the current balance of your spending money, and are available to assist you at each store where we stop. They can also tell you about upcoming shopping opportunities on the remainder of the trip.


Checking on Bowel Movements

Although Special journeys is unable to track bowel movements on a trip, the Med Team and Travel Companions periodically ask you if you are having problems. If you are constipated, you can always talk to the Med Team or a Travel Companion for assistance.


Phone Calls if Possible

If you need to call home during a vacation, ask the Tour Leaders about using their phone. We do need to consider time zone changes between our location and your home. On cruises and International trips, calling home can be difficult or impossible.