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Volunteer Signup Process & Forms


We offer ordinary people an opportunity to become extraordinary by realizing their ability to bring joy to those in need. With your compassion and care, disabled individuals will have an adventure that enriches their lives, and, at the same time, you will have an inspirational experience. Join us. Expand your horizons and help others live their dreams!


  • Interact with the travelers by listening to them and their needs.
  • At attractions, walk with the travelers and engage them in the experience.
  • At gift stores, assist the travelers in selecting items so they can take memorable souvenirs home.
  • Sit with travelers on the bus and at meal times.
  • At mealtimes, help with drinks, ordering from the menu, and general eating assistance as needed.
  • At the hotel, assist with personal cares as described on the Special Journeys paperwork for each traveler.
  • Help with basic life skills at night and in the mornings (such as bathing, grooming, appropriate clothing choices)
  • Engage Travelers in conversations to help them feel a part of the group, and give them attention to help them understand they are special
  • Regularly communicate with your Head Travel Companion on how the trip is going from your perspective and let them know anything you may need assistance with or have questions about.

Please visit the Special Journeys Travel Companion Association website to sign up as a volunteer. The online form can be found at https://www.sjtravelcompanions.org/volunteer-travel-companions