Who We Are

Special Journeys, LLC is a company dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to travel.

Special Journeys is built upon four pillars: respect, honor, dignity and love. These are characteristics we feel are essential when working with people with disabilities. We strive to have Travel Companions on the trips who exemplify these virtues and to plan vacations that are designed with the traveler in mind.


We, as travelers, are seekers and adventurers who believe the world is a remarkable place. We believe that a disability should not keep us from seeing the world. We believe in a desire to live our lives to the fullest and pursue opportunities that will enrich our lives.

Learn More About Special Journeys and Your Vacations!

Overview of Trips
A brief overview of our trips.
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Dates and details are a very important part of travel. Learn more about signup, deadline and payment dates.
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Criteria for Travel
All travelers on Special Journeys vacations must meet our Criteria for Travel.
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1:1 Staffing Level
Travelers who need a higher level of care and/or constant assistance require a dedicated (1:1) Travel Companion, which they are responsible for providing. Learn more about this level of staffing here.
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The Pre-Trip Process - from Sign-up to Departure
An overview of the steps and timelines from signup up to departure.
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Paying for a Trip
There are three options concerning paying for a trip or sending in funds for a trip to be selected later.
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Pre-Trip Documents
What documents do we need from you and what documents will Special Journeys send to you?
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Pickup Day and Packing for Your

What to Bring On a Trip
Each trip has a trip specific packing list. But if you want general information about what to bring on a trip click here.
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Packing Medication
Packing medications is an important pre-trip task! To learn more click here.
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Safety and Comfort for Travelers
Learn more about what type of safety and comfort information you should be aware of before your vacation.
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What Happens on Pickup Day
Pickup day is the start of your vacation! Learn more about what happens on the day you are picked up for the trip.
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Your Vacation Experience!

A Special Journeys Bus Ride
If you are taking a bus trip with Special Journeys the bus ride is a fun part of the vacation!
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Your Tour Leaders
The Tour Leaders lead and guide the group on your vacation. Learn more about your two Tour Leaders.
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Staying at a Hotel with Special Journeys
Each night on your vacation you will stay in a hotel room. Learn more about staying in a hotel with Special Journeys.
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Meals on Your Vacation
Going out to lunch and dinner is a fun part of your vacation. Learn some general information about going to restaurants with Special Journeys.
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Shopping and Souvenirs
Shopping and taking home a few souvenirs is a very important part of any vacation!
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Thinking About a Flight or Cruise Trip?

Your First Airplane Flight
Are you considering taking a flight trip? Learn more about taking your first airplane flight. Our Tour Leaders will be with you the entire time!
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Flying with Special Journeys
From Arriving at the Airport, Taking Off and then Landing in your destination. Learn more about the process.
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Your First Cruise
Are you ready for a cruise vacation with Special Journeys? Learn more about the fun and exciting things you can experience on your first cruise!
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Travel Companions assist travelers on their vacation. Learn more about the process and steps of being a Travel Companion with Special Journeys Travel Companion Association, a Nebraska non-profit organization.

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