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Pre-Trip Documents

You must complete the following forms and return them to us. You may submit them electronically, by mail, or fax. If you mail them, we highly recommend making a copy first

Individual Primary Addendums only needs to be completed by Travelers who have one of these issues: Insulin-Controlled Diabetes, Seizures, Mobility Limitations, and Food Intolerance/Allergy.


There are also two optional Addendums that are available on upon request if they apply to you: Constipation Food/Liquid Texture Modification.

We highly recommend sending in your completed Traveler Application before the document deadline because once we receive it, we may have follow-up questions, and we must receive your responses by the deadline so we have the information we need to safely care for you.

Your completed Pre-Trip form ensures that we have up-to-date information about the care you need. On the Pre-Trip form you will also let us know what address the pickup and drop off should occur at and if a pre-arrival phone call is required. For travelers in Texas you can let us know which central meeting place you will be using.