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Criteria for Travel

All Travelers on Special Journeys vacations must meet our Criteria for Travel.

Our Travelers Must:

  1. Be at least 19 years old
  2. Routinely sleep or rest through the night
  3. Have appropriate social skills and be considerate of others on their vacation
  4. Be able to travel in a small group setting within our 4:1 Traveler-to-Travel Companion ratio.


Our Travelers Must Not:

  1. Be medically or behaviorally inappropriate either for vacationing in general or for the specific vacation they are attending.
  2. Engage in uncontrolled screaming or shouting that cannot be redirected within four prompts so that it does not significantly disrupt the other travelers’ vacation.
  3. Be violent to themselves or others or have aggressive or self‐abusive behaviors that would be disruptive to others on the vacation.
  4. Have inappropriate sexual behaviors or issues.
  5. Have legal obligations or issues that are not disclosed to Special Journeys.
  6. Have issues with wandering that are not fully described in the Traveler Details. Travelers who may wander from the hotel must bring a 1:1 Travel Companion. There is an additional fee required for the 1:1 caregiver.
  7. Have food allergies that affect them when they touch – or are in close proximity to – the food.