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Classic Cars and Havana Cuba Cruise

Saturday, March 16 - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 (11 days)
Cruise & Flight Trip
Walking Level: Light to Moderate
Signup Deadline: Please call, we are adding travelers on a space available basis

Get ready to set sail on this exciting cruise to Cuba, a country that is trapped in time! In this spectacular place, we will get to see classic cars, vibrant colors, enjoy unique music and culture as we cruise on the Empress of the Seas.

We begin this trip on the Atlantic Ocean in Miami, Florida. We will hop aboard the Empress of the Seas where we set sail at 4 pm, just in time to watch the sun setting along the horizon as we push off the shore. That evening we will become acquainted with our ship, which we will call home for the duration of the trip. The Empress is one of the classic ships in the fleet. The crew are very service oriented and have been wonderful every time we've traveled on the Empress. You'll certainly be in good hands! The ship offers many activities for us to enjoy, such as Bingo, dance lessons, karaoke, arcade games, and of course shopping! We will also watch one of the entertaining Broadway style shows where you'll see amazing vocalists and dancers. To end each night aboard the cruise we will enjoy a three course sit down dinner in the main dining room.

In the morning we arrive in Havana, Cuba. In this vibrant and exciting city, there are many things to see and do. One activity we will enjoy is driving around the city in one of the old-style cars that Cuba is so famous for. Havana is filled with thousands of American automobiles from the 1940s and 50s, and the main transportation for the island nation. Cuba is literally a rolling car museum. You'll find Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets, Buicks and Fords in bright pinks, blues, greens and other vibrant colors. Another activity we will enjoy is strolling through one of the many plazas. We'll see the colorful Spanish-inspired architecture while we browse antiques and memorabilia sold by street vendors. There will be plenty of places in the Havana's scenic plazas for you to find a unique souvenir to bring home. And don't forget to brush up on your salsa dancing skills before the trip, Havana is known for its sparkling music and lively dancing and many people provide music and dancing as entertainment in the plazas. We will end the day with dinner aboard the ship as we cruise the Cienfuegos.

Our next day on vacation will be spent on the ship cruising to the next destination. We will take this time to relax, enjoy the ship activities, and take in the beautiful views of the Caribbean waters.

When we pull into the harbor of Cienfuegos, Cuba you'll see why this city is known as the 'Pearl of the South'. With beautiful and charming French colonial architecture, we will stroll along the wide streets and take in the wonderful sites. This city has a bit slower of a pace than Havana but you'll still be entertained by the classic cars cruising by. Be sure to keep your eyes out on the crystal blue waters, especially in the morning. Birds of all kinds, including flamingos, pelicans, and herons love to call Cienfuegos home. And if you're lucky enough, as we board the cruise ship to sail onto the next destination you may even spot a manatee swimming by.

Next up on this journey is Santiago de Cuba. Situated between the majestic Sierra Maestra mountain range, and the Caribbean Sea, this city has it all. You'll find castles, cathedrals, and quiet parks to explore. Let's not forget about the food! What's the best way to get to know a new place? By eating of course! We'll sample local fare such as their many fruits, like plantains (which look very similar to bananas though they are more starchy and must be cooked before eating), rice and beans with authentic flavors.

Our final destination on the cruise brings us to Labadee, Haiti. This pristine peninsula is a private resort leased by the Royal Caribbean, and is packed with many activities to enjoy. We can relax and have a beach day in the white sand, shop the many booths of the Artisan's Market where local crafts are sold, and taste delicious local fare.

The last night of the cruise we will make our way back to Miami. We'll spend the evening getting ready to head home and enjoying the vast ocean views.

A passport is REQUIRED for this trip.

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