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Cruising 101 - A First Timers, No Passport Required, Short Cruise!

Experienced Cruisers also welcome for a short cruise!
March, 2020 (6 days)
Flight & Cruise Trip
Walking Level: Light to Moderate
Signup Deadline: Late December, 2019
Wheelchair Accessible Trip
The video for this trip will be uploaded shortly!

Have you ever thought about cruising but where afraid to take the leap? Or perhaps you have cruised before and are looking for a shorter cruise. Either way - the reasons to take a cruise are numerous. So, what is keeping you away from cruising - maybe we can remove them for the trip. (1) I donít have a passport - Well for this cruise you donít need one! All you need is a valid state issued ID and a certified birth certificate. Of course if you have a passport you are all set since itís your ticket to discover the world! (2) I donít want to be gone a long time - No problem, this is a simple three night cruise. Two ports and you can then look forward to your next cruise! (3) I donít know how I will do on the water or with motion- Modern cruise ships have extensive safety and stability systems. This ship will primarily be sailing in the evening and at night so you should not even notice that itís moving. We are also on a short distance cruise so the ship will not be going fast. Additionally, while we rarely have to use it, staff will have an over the counter seasickness medicine has been almost 100% successful over the years. So kick back and try your first cruise, you will love it! If you have other concerns feel free to call our office - Lexi has led over 34 cruise trips and can answer any questions you have.

Your trip will begin when we pick you up at your home or other location in your city. Then you will take a fun drive to the airport. At the airport you will meet the tour leaders, the Travel Companions who will be assisting everyone on the trip, as well as all of the other travelers. As usual we will have a special screening process arranged to ensure that the airport security process goes smoothly. Then we will pre-board the airplane so everyone can sit together and get comfortable. If it will be your first flight feel free to ask to sit near one of the staff if you would like. You could also sign up for the trip with a friend and have them sit next to you. Did you know that in 2018 there were over 9 million airplane flights in the US? Those flights carried over 804 million people - thatís a lot of people! So if it is your first flight kick back, relax because it is going to be the start of your wonderful vacation. Our team will take care of you through the entire process and you will be just fine!

Our journey will take us to Orlando, Florida which is famous for amusement parks. In our case we will take a bus to Port Canaveral on the coast. As we arrive at the coast we will drive past the southern boundary of the famous John F. Kennedy Space Center (unfortunately we will need to save this attraction for another trip). When we arrive at the port we will unload from the bus and board Royal Caribbeanís Majesty of the Seas. This ship has 12 floors (called decks). It is 880 feet long (a little less than 2.5 football fields) and 106 feet wide. This huge ship has over 800 crew including the captain, engineers, stateroom (cabin) attendants and wait staff. But donít forget the pastry chefs who make the desserts, the bakers who bake all types of tasty bread and treats and all the cooks. The crew will take great care of both you and the ship as it travels along. The shipís maximum speed by the way is a leisurely 25 miles per hour!

We will begin our time on the ship with lunch, then we check out our cabins and explore the ship. Before you know it we will head to the main dining room where the wait staff will help you find your table for formal dining! There will be a large menu with lots of great food selections! Dinner will start with an appetizer, then the main course and then we get to order the best course - dessert. Well, the pastry chefs need someone to eat their tasty creations and perhaps you will volunteer! After dinner we will enjoy a show in the theater. The ship features a live band and the performance will feature the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers.

The next morning we will dock (arrive) at Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and it was founded by the British. When we arrive we will walk off the ship and enjoy the weather. The average November temperature is about 80 degrees. While we are walking between souvenir stores you will see some interesting British style buildings. The stores and buildings are also very colorful and bright - totally different from our Midwest hometowns. After all that hard work going souvenir shopping we will want to head back to the ship for another wonderful dinner and a show.

The next day we will be at Cococay, Bahamas. This is a private island featuring incredible beaches. So get ready for a chance to stretch out on a lounge chair and soak in the sun. If you are feeling adventurous you can soak your toes in the ocean or even walk a little into the water. The beach area is completely safe and has nets around it to keep everyone safe. The Special Journeys Travel Companions and tour leaders will also be with you, as they will be during your entire trip. After another day of great food, before you know it we will attend one more show.

Since this is a short trip designed to allow you to experience your first cruise the next day the ship will be back in Port Canaveral. We will then travel to the airport and fly back home. The next day we will return you back to your home. Are you ready to experience your first cruise and possibly your first airplane flight? Join our experienced tour leaders and Travel Companions as we enjoy great food and soak up some sunshine (and donít forget the awesome desserts those pastry chefs need someone to eat)!

Booklet Page - Click here to view & print our booklet page for this trip!

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