Viva Las Vegas Sights

Deadline Date
September 6, 2024

October, 2024

Flight Trips
Walking level
Light to Moderate
Accessible Trip

Viva Las Vegas with Special Journeys this Fall! We’ll enjoy shows, museums, shopping, gambling and more because Vegas has it all!
If you’re looking to win the big one, then this will be your chance in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada. On this trip we will explore several hotel casinos, each with their own personal charm and style. You’ll feel more like you’re in Paris or New York rather than in the middle of the desert in some of the hotels, it’s truly amazing the amount of detail they put into the casinos! In between winning at the slots we’ll have some exciting places to explore.
If the names Capone, Luciano, Bugsy, Gotti and Bulger sound familiar to you, then you’ll enjoy our first stop at the Mob Museum. This is the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement where we take a look at organized crime and its impact on American Society throughout history. The building that the museum is a historic property, it used to the be the location of the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse. Here Las Vegas casino owners and managers with ties to the Mob were held to answer questions about investigative crime in interstate commerce as early as the 1930s.
When we step into the museum, we’ll learn about all the infamous Mobsters of the past and what made them infamous in the first place. We’ll explore the four floors of interactive exhibits, artifacts, videos and more. We’ll hear wiretap recordings, see an actual tommy gun the gangsters used to use, Bugsy’s sunglasses, and an original copy of the Godfather’s script.
Our next adventure is a bit less serious, but just as interesting, the Neon Museum. When you think of Vegas, a couple things come to mind, and one of them is probably the lights of the strip and this Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs. During our visit to the Museum, we’ll take a walk to the Neon Boneyard. Here we walk through and see over 200 unrestored neon signs.
The next activity involves a spectacular Cirque du Soleil show! Get ready to be dazzled and in awe of the amazing aerial performance of talented acrobats in The Beatles LOVE. This show pays tribute to the band’s artistic achievements by using real and fictional characters to explore the song’s themes. Watch as the lyrics come to life and performers gracefully soar to new heights, aquatic animals fill the air, and confetti rains over the stage. The show will take us through the Strawberry Fields as strange characters blow bubbles, where acrobatic skaters soar through the sky to the jangly guitar of the classic song of Help! And enjoy the psychedelic costumes as the acrobats embark on the Magical Mystery Tour. It’s an exciting show that will keep you in awe!
Up next on our Viva Las Vegas tour we explore the Pinball Hall of Fame. Located just across the street from the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, this 25,000 square foot building is filled with hundreds of Pinball machines. This expansive museum houses one of the world’s largest displays of pinball machines. The machines range from the 1950s up to the 1990s, and not only can you see them all, but you can play them as well. It’s a fun activity and venue to explore while in the city.
The last museum we’ll visit on our Vegas adventure takes us to the Shelby Heritage Museum. Even if you’re not a car buff or a mustang lover, this place has some really unique and beautiful cars to see. Here we’ll take a look around, learn about Carroll Shelby and the history of his company. The Heritage Museum has 25 cars on display, from late model Mustangs, Cobras and Supersnakes.
We will finish at trip at the famous Miracle Mile. This 1.2 mile stretch of shops is comprised of one of the largest shopping malls in Vegas. With an incredibly large array of stores and unique vendors, you’ll surely find what it is that you’re looking for, and maybe more. The selection of shops includes such traveler favorites as ABC, delicious Garrets Popcorn, and a Las Vegas souvenir store.