Silver Dollar City - Rides & Shows

Deadline Date
April 9, 2024
(The deadline date for this trip has passed)
5 Days
Tuesday, April 23 - Saturday, April 27, 2024
(This trip has already occurred)
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Accessible Trip

Enjoy the famous Silver Dollar City park in the heartland of America! Get ready to experience thrilling attractions and exciting rides at this 1880s theme park located in Branson, Missouri, which also happens to be known as one of the world’s ‘Top 10 Theme Parks’.

If you’re a thrill seeker and enjoy a fun ride, we’ll have plenty of roller coasters for you to try, both in and outdoors! Silver Dollar City offers 40 diverse rides including classic wooden coasters such as the Outlaw Run. Outlaw Run features the world’s first and only double barrel roll on a wooden coaster! And if you can keep your eyes open, you’ll have to be on the lookout as there are rumors that there is a rouge outlaw and his gang waiting to ambush your stagecoach along the way.

But, if running from outlaws seems a bit too tame for you, try the Time Traveler, this coaster is the world’s tallest and fastest spinning coaster. The coaster leaves the station and heads into its maximum vertical angle drop of 90 degrees a speed of 50 miles per hour and it also features three inversions which is the most EVER on a spinning coaster! Whew, no wonder they call it the Time Traveler.

If you’re a Traveler who enjoys a ride without the highs, lows, and twists to get you all topsy-turvy, there will be plenty for you to choose from too! We can hop aboard the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train where we take a leisurely ride through the beautiful Ozark countryside. Then step on over to swing on the Magnificent Wave Carousel where we will have a great view of the theme park below.

With more than forty live entertainment shows daily, from singing to string quartets, bluegrass to gospel we’ll certainly find something to see. Another unique experience we can enjoy is watching craftsmen demonstrating pioneering crafts. These amazing artists showcase their skills in everything from pottery, glass cutting, furniture making, wood carving and more. And of course, since it is vacation, we will do a little bit of shopping! With nearly sixty stores and shops to choose from, we think you’ll be able to find something to bring home as a souvenir.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular vacation!