Shop ‘till you drop at the Mall of America!

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Join Special Journeys as we head to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit the Mall of America. Located just 15 minutes from the city, this mall could very well be named a city itself. The venue is so big that it has the largest indoor theme park in all the United States. Now that’s impressive!

We’ll have you guess what our first activity is…. If you guessed shopping, then you’re right! There are over 520 stores to choose from, if you can’t find something here, we’re not sure you’ll find it anywhere else. You’ll find shoes, clothing, candy, leather goods, accessories and plenty of restaurant options for when we need some energy to start shopping again! We can choose from 60 different dining options including classic fare, such as burgers and fries, delicious fried chicken, to burritos, Thai, and more. YUM! There are some pretty famous eateries to choose from, Wahlburgers, Carlo’s Bakery from the show The Cake Boss, or if that’s not enough flavor for you, chomp down on some of Guy Fieri’s tasty food at Chicken Guy!

The mall has some wonderfully unique stores that are a true experience, such as LEGOLAND. Here you’ll have the chance to view one of the largest selections of LEGO kits around, including Starwars, Minecraft, and Ghostbusters. So, if you’re a fan of these classic, creative blocks it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss! While there are an exorbitant amount of kits and toys to see, there is also an impressive amount of pre-built sculptures to view as well. From life-sized Transformers, animals such as tigers, and LEGO figurines to dragons and artwork, all built with thousands (and in many cases tens of thousands) of LEGO blocks.

When we are done shopping the 4-stories of stores, we will enjoy one of the many attractions including the Crayola Experience. This attraction is always a big hit with our travelers and is bursting with more than 20 different hands-on activities. We’ll be able to name and wrap our own crayons so make sure to come prepared with create names. You can also walk under a rainbow rain storm, no need for a raincoat, this image catches digital melted wax in a colorful marvel that is controlled by your movement! Next try your hand at sculpting something imaginative using Crayola’s Model Magic compound. The compound is so fun to mold and color with markers so you can truly make something unique. If you’re looking for a classic Crayola experience, sit down at the Colossal Caddy where you have access to thousands of Crayola crayons to draw with. When we’re done, we’ll head on over to the theater to learn how crayons are made, including how they come up with so many bold colors. On our way out we’ll make sure to browse the largest selection of Crayola products, from souvenirs, shirts, plush toys and of course, crayons.

We will be sure to make time for another attraction like the Aquarium located at the Mall before heading home from this shopping extravaganza.

Shopping, art, food and coloring, what more could you want?!

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