Kansas City Chiefs & KC Adventure

Kansas City
4 Days
Saturday, October 7 - Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Walking level
Light to Moderate
Accessible Trip

The exact dates and football game we will attend will be announced once the 2023 NFL Schedule is released.

Get your red and white gear ready as we cheer on the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium this fall!

If you’re joining us on this trip, you better be ready to watch some awesome football as the Chiefs beat their opponents at their home turf, Arrowhead Stadium! And if you’re a fan of the team, you know that this is the loudest stadium in the world, as it broke the Guinness World Record in 2014, hitting 142.2 decibels.  If that tells you anything, it’s that the Chief fans are very passionate about their team! While we aren’t yet sure about which team they’ll be playing, we do know that the Chiefs will be winning. The date of the game and opponent they’ll be playing will be announced in May when the Chiefs’ schedule comes out.

We will also spend a day touring some exciting sights in Kansas City.  The exact attractions will be released when the NFL schedule is released.  That will allow us to determine what day of the week we will be spend touring Kansas City!

And since we are in Kansas City we’ll be hitting up the best BBQ around!  KC is known for their spices, slow-smoked, and tomato-based barbecue sauce, YUM!  Served with baked beans, French fries, coleslaw and other southern-food staples, you’ll be going back for seconds.

Signup Deadline: Friday, October 13, 2023

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