Two by Two trip to Noah's Ark

6 Days
Monday, October 17 - Saturday, October 22, 2022
(This trip has already occurred)
Walking level
Accessible Trip

Bigger Than Life!!


Join Special Journeys as we

travel to Kentucky for a Biblical Adventure!


Our first stop on this trip brings us to the Ark Encounter, where we’ll experience Bible history at a life-size Noah’s Ark! From the outside, the Ark looks exactly as Noah would have built it and with the dimensions given from the bible. This massive full-size Ark spans 510 feet long (which is about 1.5 football fields long), 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high and is the largest timber frame structure in the world.

The inside of the Ark includes three decks filled with world-class exhibits where you’ll experience what Noah’s life may have been like. We’ll spend the day learning fascinating answers to many questions you may have, such as how Noah fit all the animal species into the Ark, how he may have fed and cared for them, and how he built the structure that would have withheld a worldwide flood.


The next day we’ll visit the Ararat Ridge Zoo and petting zoo area. Here we see animals from around the world, such as zebras, camels and lizards, among many others. Keeping in nature of the Ark Encounter, the Zoo is centered on a biblical theme. While there, we may have the opportunity to explore the Kangaroo Walkabout and meet one of Australia’s largest and most iconic animals up close.


The next day we will visit the Creation Museum where we’ll learn why God’s infallible Word is the place to begin if we want to make sense of our world. In this 75,000-square-foot facility we will experience earth history as God has revealed it in the Bible of Genesis chapters 1-11. We will step back in time beginning with Creation and through to Christ’s return. We will see a realistic Garden of Eden, flood dioramas, and stunning video displays.

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