Dusty Springfield / Come For A Dream: The U.K. Sessions 1970-1971 (輸入盤CD)(ダスティ・スプリングフィールド)

Dusty Springfield / Come For A Dream: The U.K. Sessions 1970-1971 (輸入盤CD)(ダスティ・スプリングフィールド)の通販は - あめりかん☆ぱい|商品ロットナンバー:295259379




2015/8/7 発売



During her 1968-1971 period with Atlantic Records in the United States, Dusty Springfield also continued to record material in England, where her Atlantic repertoire was released on Philips Records. In turn, Atlantic received rights to issue Dusty's British recordings from the era, but chose to focus entirely on her American sessions. In fact, it wasn't until the '90s that some of these masters (many of which originally came out on the Philips See All Her Faces album overseas) were available Stateside, but they were scattered across several compilations and were never comprehensively assembled. Now, with the release of Come For A DreamThe U.K. Sessions 1970-1971, all of Dusty's ''orphaned'' British recordings from her 1970-1971 Atlantic period have been gathered together for the first time. These 16 sides document what was intended to be a complete album plus some extra single sides and outtakes. Dusty was singing at her absolute best during this time, covering pop, rock and soul with

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