Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen / Cold Spell (輸入盤CD)

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2014/8/12 発売


Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen are the next big thing on the Bluegrass circuit. Fronted by mandolinist, singer and songwriter Frank Solivan, the band has been nominated several years in a row for the International Bluegrass Music Association's Emerging Artist of the Year award. COLD SPELL will solidify their position as torchbearers for the new generation of progressive bands taking Bluegrass from its traditional roots to a younger and broader audience. The album's ten tracks show just how far the traditional Bluegrass instrumentation of banjo, mandolin, guitar and acoustic bass can go in the right hands. Frank Solivan and his bandmates take their brand of Bluegrass through the paces proving track after track that Bluegrass can rock and groove. With special guests Leon Alexander, Sam Bush, John Cowan, Rob Ickes and Megan McCormick.

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