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Meals & Restaurants

Each day, we typically enjoy a continental breakfast at the hotel in the morning, followed by one sit-down and one fast-casual meal.



Continental Breakfast


In most situations for sit down meals, Travelers order what they want off of the regular menu. In some situations, the restaurant offers a limited group menu that typically involves 5-6 different selections. Different trips and activities may dictate meal options for that day. For example, on trips to sporting events, we will typically eat at the stadium.

If we pre-order food on the bus, Special Journeys provides Travelers with a custom-printed menu. Each Traveler will then be asked for their food order, which we enter into our custom software. The software matches any Traveler’s food restrictions with the item ordered (for example, automatically removing lettuce for a traveler who can’t consume leafy green vegetables). Travelers with food intolerances or allergies receive a custom option appropriate for their needs.

When we arrive at fast-casual restaurants, the Tour Leader orders the food while Travelers are seated. The Travel Companions and Tour Leaders then work together to deliver each Traveler’s food order.

We generally do not do buffet meals. If a dinner or lunch show offers food buffet style our Travel Companions will bring prepared plates of food to the traveler. On cruises more independent travelers go up to the food stations on their own or in small groups to choose what they would like.